• Up to 12 teen girls per group session from 13-15 years of age

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays during term time from 3:30pm - 5:00pm

  • Cost: $30 per workshop (includes an afternoon snack)

  • ​Centrally located at the Hutt Art Centre ~ Studio 9, 9-11 Myrtle Street, Lower Hutt

  • Each session is individually run or teens can attend a series of

       four different sessions  


A Hub For Teen Girls To Connect & Thrive

To connect with other teens, share their personal experiences, make friendships along the way and being provided with tools and activities to build their strengths, self-values and develop confidence.

Whether a child is seeking a sense of identity, purpose or belonging, is shy, lacks self esteem, is facing challenges or is not sure what to do next, Be True Be You provides a nurturing environment for teen girls to be themselves and to know that they are unique just as they are.

Be True Be You is here to create a hub for teen girls to connect, share, laugh, and to learn useful tools to help them thrive as they navigate their teenage years.

Teen girls these days are faced with so many influences together with growing pressure from social media. The group sessions are offered to bring teen girls together to help them build self esteem and confidence in their ever changing worlds.  


one-TO-one mentoring

if you feel your teen GIRL would benefit more from a one-TO-one session, then individual mentoring can be arranged.

please simply get in touch by EMAIL


It is all about being you ...


~ Aspire ~

ASPIRE ~ directing one's hopes or ambitions towards achieving something
To assist teen girls to become self aware as to who they are and to help them to reach their full potential guiding them towards who they want to be.  For each teen girl to recognise their strengths and talents and to learn to accept what they may perceive as their own weaknesses which can actually be turned into strengths.  Letting teen girls believe that they are capable of achieving wondrous things by being true to who they are.

~ Confident Me ~

CONFIDENCE ~ SELF WORTH ~ SELF ESTEEM ~ confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self-respect
To teach teen girls to adapt to a realistic, confident and positive attitude towards themselves.  Focusing on how they feel about themselves, how they see themselves and others and to encourage them to be themselves with confidence.  To learn to love themselves for the beautiful girl that they are through positive and healthy thoughts and ways.

~ A Successful Teen ~

A SUCCESSFUL TEEN ~ who you are and what you do with your time and how to build a balanced day as a teen
To enable teen girls to achieve success and balance in their school work and extra-curricular activities, friendships, sports and responsibilities at home. Trying to juggle all of this can easily feel overwhelming so it’s important for teen girls to be aware of a sense of balance and to learn tools to adopt some good
self-management skills in what they do with their time.

~ Dreaming Big ~

DREAMING BIG ~ having the freedom to think about what you really want out of life and taking steps

to make those dreams a reality
Letting teen girls dream their own dreams that are important to them and empowering them to realise how they can take action towards achieving those dreams.  Encouraging teen girls to choose a goal and the actions they can put into place to work towards successfully achieving their chosen goal and to take responsibility for actions that may impact their lives.

Session Schedule ~ Term 3 ~ 2017
25th July
27th July
29th August31st August
Confident Me
1st August
3rd August
5th September
7th September
A Successful Teen
8th August
10th August
12th September
14th September
Dreaming Big
15th August
17th August
19th September
21st September